Netflix Shows You Need To Watch

10 Netflix Shows You Need To Watch

We’ve recently reinstated our Netflix subscription. These days we don’t sign up for the full volume of TV subscriptions we previously did. It just isn’t cost-effective. Having recently cancelled Discovery Plus. We can enjoy Netflix for a while. And I am so happy about it!

I previously wrote a blog post 10 Amazing Netflix Documentaries You Must Watch. Well, it’s time for another blog post about the recent Netflix shows I’ve been watching.

Netflix Shows You Need To Watch

Let’s get stuck into the list…


Lenox Hill

I started watching this documentary series a few weeks ago and I love how it is filmed. Covering the lives of staff members, from accident and emergency to midwifery, to brain surgery.

It is the first time I have been able to watch the birth process since I had my little one and had to deal with birth trauma. I was tearful during these scenes but in a nostalgic and proud kind of way.

I love watching reality television programmes because they provide an insight into people and places you simply wouldn’t experience for yourself.

To read more about my birth story – check out my first blog – Mummy Conquering Anxiety

NEW YORK — Emergency NYC

The show is a spinoff of the documentary series Lenox Hill. Featuring more people, including the EMS providers. It’s so interesting hearing about the real-life stories of patients, but also the staff members involved. And more importantly, how they juggle their work and family lives.

For more details on how I juggle work and family life – check out my second blog. Thrift Plan Enjoy. I wrote a whole series about being a working mum

American Manhunt: The Boston Marathon Bombing

It was a great insight into what happened during this awful tragedy. And the details of the search for the perpetrators. The struggles of those investigating them and the sad accounts of those who were injured or killed by their family members and friends.

Life After Death With Tyler Henry

I watched this documentary some time ago, but being the spiritual person I am, I loved watching Tyler’s work. The main lesson I took from this, is that any psychic ability can be incredibly draining for the person in question. I am pleased the documentary showed periods where Tyler struggled, both physically and mentally.

There are also snippets of his struggles within the family – bringing a sense of normality about him as a person.


This series covers the origins of America’s opioid crisis. Some parts of the show are dramatized for TV and real-life events inspire some.

This is filmed in such a great way. I love the narration from the lawyer all the way though. Each episode starts with a real family member who lost someone to the opioid crisis. Telling the story about their loved one.

I won’t provide any spoilers, but you will probably be pretty outraged at the conclusion. As a pretty cynical person, even I was shocked this was allowed to happen.

MH370: The Plane That Disappeared

This is such an interesting documentary. Exploring the possible scenarios for what happened during this tragedy. I also learned so much about how the situation was handled and the impact on the families.


Dead To Me

I stumbled across this when scrolling through one day. And I sometimes love that thing Netflix does with playing the trailers. It started strong and relatable and I loved watching a real but humourous account of grief.


Such a suspenseful drama. We all live in a world of social media. And the series of events which unfold in this drama is pretty scary.


Based on a true story. Gripping. Following the crusade of two women going against the grain to help other people. And more importantly, seek out the truth.

The stranger 

I love these Netflix dramas that are based on books. So dramatic and slightly far-fetched. As I don’t always have time to read books, this is a great way to get the drama fix. 

There is a whole Netflix section featuring dramas based on books. Well done Netflix. Go check it out.

Until Next Time

I hope you enjoyed reading about all the recent television programmes I’ve been enjoying

Do you have a favourite?

One that hasn’t made it onto this list?

I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

Netflix Shows You Need To Watch

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  1. We completely binge watched Painkiller, thought that was SO good. I’m also meaning to watch that series about the plane that went missing but keep not getting around to it. We’re currently watching Bodyguard and loving it

    1. Ohh I will check out Bodyguard. Loved Painkiller.

  2. I don’t have Netflix at the moment but I’ll probably sign up again for certain shows when they come back, like Stranger Things. I do like the sound of Painkiller as it’s the same show/premise as Dope Sick which was on Hulu (2021). That was an incredible show, really expertly done so if Painkiller is as good I will give that a watch!
    Molly | Transatlantic Notes recently posted…Beyond Beautiful: The Benefits of Planting WildflowersMy Profile

    1. Can’t wait for Stranger things to come back!

  3. I watched the MH370 documentary a few months ago, it was really interesting but equally baffling as to where the plane is. Some other great recommendations here x

    Lucy |

    1. So baffling. I kind of like a resolution, but my heart goes out to everyone impacted.

  4. Thanks for these! I’m always needed new recommendations to watch! I feel like there so much all of a sudden now its Autumn xx

    1. Glad you found the post useful. I always look at blogs when I want something new to watch.

  5. Thanks for sharing! I also found Pain killers compelling. Clickbait went under my radar but now I’m going to check out !

    1. It’s definitely compelling. Glad you found something you want to watch!

  6. These are some interesting Netflix recommendations. I will be looking into some of this winter holidays. I watch different types of movies, but particularly like to watch horror, SIFI , futuristic types of movies. The Walking Dead, The 100, 3%, Blacklist, How to get away with murder, Breaking Bad are a few that I can also recommend.

    1. Glad you found the list useful. I love How to get away with murder and Breaking Bad – might watch them from the beginning again.

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