5 Reasons A Hot Cup Of Coffee Is Pure Joy

I was always previously a tea drinker. Until recently. Motherhood requires caffeine. I’ve just spent the day moaning because I didn’t get a cup of coffee whilst we were out for the day. The little one wanted to go to a playground and threw a tantrum when I mentioned a cafe. I ended up with takeout fish & chips, and a can of coke! I felt like I was 13 again, nipping into the chippy for something to eat.

I don’t know what it is, but my day doesn’t pan out the same without the strong caffeine hit. Even when my body rejects the level of coffee I need to drink, due to IBS. I resort to green tea with some level of caffeine included. 


These are some of the reasons caffeine is required as a busy mum and why I love making time for a hot drink…

I  experienced a total lack of sleep for a prolonged period of time

I still have a demanding child and needed a boost

Now I have an energetic toddler and frankly, you just cannot tire her out 

Getting up earlier to drink a cup of coffee has become the norm for me. The power of the caffeine outweighs an extra 20 minutes in bed

I can totally relate to the TikTok videos of grumpy mums before they’ve had their coffee in the morning

Connecting over coffee

Meeting in a coffee shop has become a lifeline for me, and many other parents out there. It seems to be a staple anywhere I  go with the little one. We visit soft play and my little one even says “the one where you get the large cup of coffee, mummy“. She means the refilled coffee at the Brewers Fayre play place. She even knows not to ask me to play with her until I’ve drank my first cup! 

A drink and a chat can literally save people 

There was a time when I hid away and cancelled plans because I felt so low mentally

A lifeline for me was interacting with a community and having the confidence to say yes to a coffee with new friends. It turned out that doing this proved to be a very positive move. Those friends are people I can trust to this day and it was cathartic to talk through my mental health problems. With people, I could trust. 


The joy of hot coffee

Just this morning I wasted the first coffee of the day. This happens frequently as a busy mum. I was busy letting my toddler paint my nails. Then typing away writing for the blog. I poured more hot water into the cup, but it just isn’t the same. I think that’s the reason I longed for a hot cup of something lovely, all day. And when I didn’t get it, I was very grumpy.

Maybe today we can go out as a family and get mummy the cafe coffee she’s been longing for.

Final thoughts about coffee

I hope you enjoyed reading this post!

Do you love coffee? How about socialising over coffee? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear from you.


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  1. I LOVE coffee! I love tea as well but I think since I lived in Italy I fell in love with GOOD coffee more than ever. This is so true and I love catching up with people over a coffee it’s such a nice way to connect. Great post 🙂

    1. I can only imagine the standard of coffee in Italy – that’s why I want to visit! And of course, for the epic views.

  2. So true! A cup of hot coffee gives us joy. It also energies us and makes us work faster.
    Fadima Mooneira recently posted…NOVEL REVIEW: ‘DIA’ MY LOVE BY ZAN ZARIDAMy Profile

    1. I definitely need to work faster – always so many blog tasks on my list!

  3. As someone who has never had a cup of coffee or tea in there life, I haven’t experienced any of these. But, a drink and a chat could save someone’s life, but my drink would likely be a juice or water

    1. Any drink will do for socialising.

  4. Coffee is everything! I have four girls, work full time and always trying to find more ways to support my family. While learning to be a pastor(ess) and Life coach. Coffee is more like a requirement lol. But there is something so enjoyable about coffee and socializing, just pausing and being in the moment to connect with someone.

    1. I think pausing and being in the moment is essential. Wowsers, you are one busy individual!

  5. oh unlucky for the coffee to be wasted. I love drinking a lot of coffee and every day I have to get at least three haha. It indeed is a joy.

    1. I usually have two and sometimes I simply need more, haha!

  6. I’m a coffee lover too! It’s not just because I am a single mum of a stroppy teenage girl but because it is also my lifeline socially! ‘see you at the usual place’ said between friends means the coffee house haha.

    1. Totally, a lifeline for many people.

  7. It took me years to finally appreciate hot coffee! It definitely has a different effect vs iced coffee. There is a reason why people bond over a simple drink! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Such a different effect. Although I do love an iced coffee in summer.

  8. I actually enjoy a hot cup of decaf coffee in the morning. I think it is the nice feeling of something warm and tasty that I love. I do agree it is a great drink to enjoy a nice social time as well.
    Netert Aset recently posted…Achieving Your Wellness and Self-Care GoalsMy Profile

    1. There is just something about a nice warm drink!

  9. I love going out for a coffee either on my own or meeting up with people; it’s such a lovely way to connect. I like the fact that it’s relaxed and welcoming, a chance to really decompress for a bit. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it — it really is pure joy!
    Molly | Transatlantic Notes recently posted…How To Critically Examine Online DisinformationMy Profile

    1. It really is. I also love a coffee alone, to take in the atmosphere.

  10. I am not a coffee drinker, but a lot of my family drink coffee. It can bring people together, just like tea or other drinks. Thank you for sharing.


    1. I always had tea when visiting coffee shops, until motherhood!

  11. Aw I love this blog post! These are very good reasons why a hot drink is pure joy 🙂

    1. Such pure joy!

  12. Cheers to coffee lovers☕! Whether single, married, or a parent, we all need coffee to survive. I enjoyed reading your post. It felt as if I am chatting to a friend over coffee. Good post. ?

    1. I agree. Happy the post transported you there!

  13. I don’t drink coffee, but we love coffee shops. Such great places to just hang out with a hot drink, chat or read
    Emma T recently posted…Sports that women beat men and compete the sameMy Profile

    1. I’ve always visited coffee shops – back in my Uni days I loved reading and working in them.

  14. I have IBS too, so I know the struggle! I love green tea and sometimes have a decaf coffee, too. I agree that when you’re meeting for a coffee with a friend, somewhere warm and cosy, it instantly makes you feel better and more refreshed. A hot drink is sometimes more than just a drink.

    1. It definitely is more than just a drink x

  15. Winnie says:

    Coffee is such a nice way to start a conversation with someone, and as you said, can literally save a life 🙂 great post

    1. It’s so true. We all need to ditch the stigma of it sounding dramatic to say that!

  16. Socializing over coffee makes me feel warm and happy, love doing that! And yes, having conversations with people even random people and wishing them a nice day and smiling to them can save someone from doing anything. Spread love and kindness?

    1. I totally agree with this. Your comment just transported me to the warmth of a coffee shop!

  17. Haha, motherhood definitely requires coffee! I gave up coffee while pregnant but was straight back on it during those brutal early days and still enjoy a cup as part of my morning ritual.

    1. It is needed as a Mummy 🙂

  18. I big coffee drinker. It’s 4:30 pm and I am having my last cup of coffee for the day. Drinking coffee is good for everyone for many different reasons. Interesting read. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I was never a coffee drinker before, but now I love it.

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