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6 Benefits Of Running You Should Take In Your Stride

I’ve recently written a get-to-know-me piece to promote my blog and in it, I looked back on my running days. To be honest, I miss them. It’s great to revisit the benefits of running.

How I started running

I am no runner. But in the past, I gradually worked up from smaller runs. Finding running helped my mental health and it became addictive, to set my mind free and achieve the goals I set for myself. 

I don’t look at all like a typical runner. Was considered overweight for each of the 10k races (verified by a doctor for some medication I was taking) and physically I wasn’t in the best shape to take on the challenge.

But mind over matter prevailed. It became more about the mental health benefits rather than fitness. I felt free when I ran and my anxiety was reduced.

My running achievements

Conquering not one, but two 10k races, I am immensely proud of myself. It was one of the toughest challenges, simply because it did not come easy to me and in all honesty, I didn’t train enough for either race. But I did it! And I still have the medals on display. My little one plays dress-up with my Race For Life, 5k medals. Who knows, maybe we will dress up and do one together to honour my family members taken too soon by cancer. I think she would love it and it would be great for me to look back fondly on a part of my life I loved. 

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benefits of running

I wanted to discuss some of the great benefits of running

My exercise routine now 

I would love to get back into running, just for the mental health benefits alone. However, as a busy mum with little time to spare, exercise videos on YouTube are more my thing these days. I recently posted a TikTok about me and my little one dancing together. We have agreed to do it more as a family, in order to get fit. 

Increases confidence 

I will be honest and say the thought of running again is daunting. We live on a canal path and I regularly see runners and think about how they do it. However, whilst I was in the midst of my running days, confidence wasn’t an issue. I had the drive and motivation to get out there and help myself mentally. Anything else, certainly worrying about what other people thought, didn’t matter. 

Maybe you want to read about other runners and their stories…

Improves your health

Studies have shown running can lower blood pressure, improve blood sugar control, and lower cholesterol. Also reducing body fat percentage. Improving these markers of health can reduce disease risk and help you feel healthier overall.

Is accessible and cheap 

When I was younger, I held several gym memberships. These days, it isn’t practical for us to pay £20-£50 per adult. For a gym membership, we might not get much use out of it. There are plenty of free activities you can do if you want to improve your overall physical health. Starting from inside your home, to just around the corner. You just have to be creative. 

Running connects you to nature 

Most of the places I used to run involved being at one with nature. Some of the amazing parks and reservoirs I visited during this time are places me and my family return to now. I wouldn’t have known about them had I not started my running journey. 

Improves your sleep 

John Hopkins Medical Center found cardiovascular exercise helps you fall asleep faster and improve sleep quality. I often struggle to fall asleep at night due to my anxiety issues. But exercising in the early evening used to make me sleep a lot better. 


I hope you enjoyed reading about my love of running, and the great benefits it can bring.

Do you run? Are you planning to start? I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

benefits of running


  1. Oh wow… it is so awesome that running improves sleep. I only run on treadmills these days. But I haven’t been running for quite a long time. Maybe it’s high time I start running again.

    1. I hope this served as a reminder to start doing it again. Treadmills are great, especially if the weather isn’t great!

  2. Ezioma Kalu says:

    I know of the health benefits of running. It’s just that I’m being too lazy. Thanks for the post.

    1. It does take a lot of motivation.

  3. Well done on running the 10Ks Sam – that’s amazing! I agree – running is great for the mind, that’s the reason why I do it too. Thanks for sharing. Jade MumLifeandMe

    1. Thank you. And I am glad you’ve found something to help you mentally.

  4. I am proud of your 10k run. It takes alot of decipline to achieve this. Running. Especially in nature, is the best mental health booster. Thanks for sharing the health benefits of running.

    1. Thank you. Running is such a mental health boost.

  5. Doing two 10K runs is an amazing achievement; I am in awe! Running certainly has so many benefits and I can see how it makes a positive difference — thanks for sharing this!
    Molly | Transatlantic Notes recently posted…8 Things That Help Make Your Blog Post GreatMy Profile

    1. Thank you so much. I am very proud I managed to do them.

  6. I adore running! But I haven’t been able to run since having covid in late 2021! My chest hasn’t been the same. After the cold begins to shift here in Ireland, I plan to attempt to start all over again.

    1. Good luck with starting again. And I bet a lot of people have been affected by breathing issues. You need a great lung capacity. I remember the feeling of my lungs burning during my 10K races.

  7. Charity says:

    I’m not a huge runner, but these benefits are too amazing to pass up! Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. The benefits are great.

  8. I used to go running and agree it is a way to connect. I have taken to walks lately as my knees are suffering. I do miss it though.
    JamieAdStories recently posted…Smorgasbord Book Promotions – New Book on the Shelves – #mystery #suspense – The Fathers, the Sons and the Anxious Ghost by Jamie AdamsMy Profile

    1. Sorry to hear about your knees. Walking is amazing!

  9. I’ve been running but I’m not sure I enjoy it yet! I just do it so I don’t have to get a gym membership. I do like the way it makes me feel afterwards though!
    Amber recently posted…3 Biggest Mindset Problems New Writers Have When Launching Their Career | How to Make Money Writing Online (Day 30)My Profile

    1. With time, you will probably get more used to it. And there are so many other options than paying for a gym membership.

  10. What a great achievement, well done! I haven’t been able to run since my traumatic accident two years ago, but walking has been of a great benefit for my recovery. Hopefully one day I can go for a run again…

    1. Thank you. I probably do more walking these days. And the benefits are great.

  11. Relate to this as I’m also a ‘non’ runner that does try to run semi-frequently because it really does have some great benefits.
    The Curious Dig recently posted…How to run and participate in effective hybrid meetingsMy Profile

    1. Well done – it takes a lot as a ‘non’ runner. But the benefits are huge.

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  13. Running and walking is a good exercise. It’s also fun and relaxing. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Thats amazing so proud of you, i’ve been wanting to run but i;m afraid of running alone. I have also been slacking on my workouts too, the drive to workout has gone and I don’t know what happened but I’m trying to get back into it

    1. Thank you – I feel like this now. I would have to build up the confidence to exercise again. And it took a lot to start running last time. You got this!

  15. Your post made running sound like a refreshing, healthy exercise. Congrats on meeting your goals! When I was younger, my uncle tried to encourage me to join the track team but I never did it because I saw no point. However, learning more about the benefits, I am more apt to get into it now. Thanks for sharing your experience!
    Netert Aset recently posted…Holistic Kemetic Healing: Ra Sekhi Arts Interview (VIDEO)My Profile

    1. It’s such a great way to clear your mind and move your body!

  16. Completely agree with all the point you make! I love finding an interesting podcast, putting the headphones in and going for a run in the countryside. Great post!

    1. Sounds amazing!

  17. Jeannie says:

    I was a runner my whole life. I did 100m and relay from a young age til grade 12. Once I got to college things changed and I wished they didnt. I love running! I agree fully on how it helps with mental health. It also used to improve my mood and make me sleep so much better. Great post x
    Jeannie recently posted…15-Minute Makeup Routine For All EventsMy Profile

    1. Well done on these amazing achievements. It has such great benefits.

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