Make Goals Achievable Using The SMART Method
Achieving your goals

How To Make Goals Achievable Using The SMART Method

There was a time, not so long ago that I couldn’t even contemplate future goal setting. Following my mental breakdown, the only goals I had were to get out of bed, shower and go for a walk. Any goals, no matter how small, make a world of difference. Without those small daily goals, I would never …

Sands 90K in September
Small changes make a big difference

Why We Are Participating in the Sands 90K in September Walk

TW – baby loss, birth trauma My everyday life is pretty busy and I would usually struggle to fit in walking every day. However, in September we are planning on doing more walking. And with school starting, we will be walking to and from school twice a day. As a family, we also try and …

Alcohol-Free Prosecco

Alcohol-Free Prosecco – 4 Lovely Ones You Need To Try

It’s national prosecco day 2023 and what better way to raise a glass, than with healthier alternatives, that taste just as good as the real thing? I’ve recently been on a mission to cut my alcohol intake down. Mainly because it no longer serves me. The cons outweigh the pros. And I have to think about …