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10 Amazing Netflix Documentaries You Must Watch

With all the recent Harry & Meghan hype. And because it’s Christmas, we’ve recently signed up to Netflix again. I am enjoying the Netflix documentaries currently available. Quick note: Roaring Pumpkin is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Some of the links contained on this page are affiliate links and if you go …

positive thinking
Small changes make a big difference

How Positive Thinking Allowed Me to Stop Living in Fear

I spent years telling myself I wasn’t good enough. Making excuses not to reach my potential. Genuinely not knowing I had the ability to thrive. You see, when we tell ourselves something repeatedly, we eventually believe and become it. We form a new habit. A new way of life. And sometimes, this can be a negative …

festive activities
Family adventures

The Fun Festive Activities We Planned for Our Toddler

I wanted to share with you some of the fun festive activities we’ve booked throughout December, to get our little one excited for the Christmas period. This post will also include some creative crafts we planned at home. Join us on a tour of our festive activities… Breakfast with Santa Toby Carvery offers a great …

Preschool nativity play
Family adventures

Why I Was Such a Proud Mum at the Preschool Nativity Play

If you follow my journey, over on my Mummy Conquering Anxiety blog, you might have seen this TikTok. Being an overly excited proud mummy really resonated with me, and therefore I had to share with you all, how the preschool nativity play went. Organising 39 toddlers is no easy feat. Any parent or caregiver will …