small changes

I didn’t get to where I am by just thinking one positive thought (like some people claim you can). I put in significant hard work, daily, over a period of about two years. Because my life was seriously lacking in a lot of areas, it was time for a drastic change.

The decisions I made were not easy, but I am now in a better place for having put the work in.

After growing in confidence and setting up my first blog, then my second, I decided to move on to this one. And was born!

Small Changes

Motivation Mindset

I completely transformed my life in 10 months and you can too.

This blog is all about changing your mindset, maximising your potential, and making the most of your time in order to make money.

You’ll find blogging tips and tools and these will be created using my experience of setting up three blogs and entering the world of freelance writing. I’m proud I did all this whilst raising a toddler, working, recovering from a mental breakdown, and during a redundancy from my workplace.

It’s all about becoming resilient and strengthening your mind.

I will do the research needed to bring you quick and easy tools to improve your life.

I’ve always believed lived experience, honesty, and empathy are the best tools for connecting with people. You will find them in abundance on this blog.

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