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Why I Was Such a Proud Mum at the Preschool Nativity Play

If you follow my journey, over on my Mummy Conquering Anxiety blog, you might have seen this TikTok. Being an overly excited proud mummy really resonated with me, and therefore I had to share with you all, how the preschool nativity play went.

Organising 39 toddlers is no easy feat. Any parent or caregiver will know their attention span isn’t that long. And they are easily distracted. Therefore, this was a joyous moment for all the families involved. Because our little ones were performing something quite extraordinary, it allowed their little personalities to shine. It goes without saying, we all owe a huge thank you to the nursery staff, for organising such a wonderful event.

Preschool nativity play

Worry about how the little one will behave

We don’t see how our little one acts all day at nursery. There is a glimpse into this when we attend birthday parties. But this was an occasion for everyone to come together, and for parents to witness how their little ones interact with their friends. As a parent though, there is always a concern about how a temperamental toddler may act when there is an audience involved.

My little one was mainly fidgeting and jumping up and down during the performance. I feel like her school reports might mirror mummy’s – chatty & disruptive. You know what though? I’ve had an excellent education, and career and now I’m doing a job I’m proud of. And of course, running my blogs is a passion project, which one day I hope will become a full-time career.


Can’t wait to share two Christmas-related blog posts with you all this week. They will be released on Tuesday & Thursday! #christmas #nativity #toddlers #mummy #fyp #viral

♬ It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas – Michael Bublé

Highlights of the event

We were able to invite two other people to the play. And my parents were thrilled to be invited. It was also lovely to see other grandparents there.

Following the performance, the nursery set up a wonderful winter wonderland. With snow, amazing blow-up Christmas characters, Santa, mince pies & cakes for the little ones. It was really magical. And I am so thankful they go to a lot of effort to further my child’s development and encourage these little toddlers to become sociable.

Feel free to check out my other blogs. I would love to connect with you.

Missing out during the pandemic

The pandemic took a lot from everyone, and to be honest, I am happy with the outcome for our wider family! It could have been a lot worse. Despite this, there is no avoiding the fact that our little one was impacted. To this day, she still loves MacDonalds & ASDA, because these two places were literally the only places she travelled to for months. We are now regulars at ASDA cafe.

Because of the pandemic, I didn’t even know our nursery held nativity plays. It was another parent, with an older child, who let me know at a recent birthday party. Because I wasn’t expecting it, I was even more overjoyed that we got to share this lovely occasion as a family.

Family time

These days, family time takes up most of the activities we do. Gone are the days when we would book a hotel in Sheffield and visit a Christmas Market. As a couple, I am so thankful for these times. But everything we do now is fully decided by how child-friendly it is. It’s the way it should be.

Check out my blog post about the family Christmas activities we booked this year.

preschool nativity play

Wrap up

I hope you enjoyed reading about our family outing to the preschool nativity play.

Are you a parent, carer or guardian who loves attending these events? I would love to hear all about it in the comments below.

preschool nativity play

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  1. It sounds like a wonderful time; lots of thought being put into it all. Lovely!
    Molly | Transatlantic Notes recently posted…The Best End of Year Guided Reflection Journal PromptsMy Profile

    1. It was such a great time.

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  3. What an awesome event you attended. Thank you for sharing your experience.
    Fadima Mooneira recently posted…NOVEL REVIEW: REMINDERS OF HIM BY COLLEEN HOOVERMy Profile

    1. It was so lovely.

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